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Venture is your resource for speech and occupational therapy services for children in eastern North Carolina.

Venture is locally owned and operated by Cynthia Flynt, MS, CCC-SLP. Our team of expert pediatric therapists provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of speech/language, fine motor and visual motor delays, as well as, feeding/ swallowing disorders in children from Birth - 21 years old.

Our practice is founded on the principle that all children are unique and require individualized speech and occupational therapy, as well as, a carefully prepared treatment plan. All services rendered by Venture are provided in the child's natural environment. Our highly skilled pediatric therapists work in the homes, schools, preschools, Head Start and childcare programs throughout the communities in eastern North Carolina.

“Trusted by parents, Chosen by therapists”

Serving all of Eastern NC:

..and surrounding areas

All services are provided in the patients natural environment (school, home, Head Start, child care centers, etc.).
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Contact Information

Venture Rehab Group
P.O. Box 2417
Winterville, NC 28590
[email protected]

Patient Referral Line:
888-551-2163 (Fax)
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At A Glance...

Our patients are our passion! Venture is committed to providing state of the art, one on one therapy services for children, allowing them to reach their greatest potential. This is achieved through a team approach including the therapist, client and caregiver. We provide unique, innovative, “kid-friendly” interventions coupled with a high standard of professional excellence.

Speech Therapy Services

Receptive Language Therapy
Expressive Language Therapy
Articulation/ Phonology
Pre-Literacy/ Phonological Awareness
Feeding Therapy
Swallowing Therapy
Oral Motor Therapy
Fluency/Stuttering Therapy
Language / Literacy Therapy

OT Services

Fine Motor Delay
Visual Perceptual Delay
Feeding difficulties
Sensory Integrative Dysfunction
Dysgraphia (handwriting difficulty)
Gross Motor (uncoordinated)
Fine Motor Planning Problems
Attentional Difficulties
Autism Spectrum Disorders
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